Duniaherba Halal Health Products from Malaysia

I recently signed up with an online halal (kosher) health products marketing company based in Malaysia. What attracted me first of all to Duniaherbahpa was the range of herbal health products with a long tradition dating back several decades.

When you visit the Duniaherbahpa page click on the “Senarai Produk” link to see the full page of all the available products. Note that all the listed products are traditional herbal based but now with modernized manufacturing facilities approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Second of all what I found interesting is the online marketing approach taken by this company. Instead of them opening a huge brick and mortar store they have decided to give an opportunity to their customers to participate in the business with an online presence. Although the business is said to be “MLM” one should not be put off by their online business approach. There is no high entry level investment. All it takes is about RM30 only. Then there is none of that pressure to attend meetings with the instruction to drag along prospective “downlines” so they can be influenced to sign up.

And most of all what is really amazing is that there are real high quality health products that are beneficial to one’s health and beauty. The business is in the products, not in the signing up fees paid by your downlines!

So if you would like to see more about what Duniaherbahpa is all about go ahead and click here now.

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