Mokhsein Abdullah

Nashamiki Enterprise, operating out of Setia Ecopark, Shah Alam, was established in 2009. The name itself is a combination of all the names of people in our family.

Living a long and healthy life has always been a major concern among humankind for thousands of years. The founding of modern medicine is of course attributed to Hippocrates, but it is a foregone conclusion that certain classes of people have always existed in society who are looked up to as being “healers”.  As long as mankind lives on this planet we will always be afflicted with numerous illnesses. However what we need to focus on now is no more the treatment of illnesses but rather their prevention through a combination of consuming the right nutrients, moderate exercise and avoidance of lifestyles that would expose one to affliction.

This then is the focus of our website. Come back now and then to see what’s new here.  Or you may subscribe, that’s the links at the bottom right hand corner there.

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